Good Cushion Drive Bars- Set of 3

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Get more finesse with your rotary machine!

With our Good Cushion Drive Bars you easily add more tailored tech to your machine. Now your rotary machine can be set up to enjoy that slight resistance that coil machines have provided for years. 

Specifically designed for use with cartridges in rotary machines, whether direct drive or slide style. Our cushion drive bars open up a variety of flexibility to tailor the hit and “back off” of your machine to perfectly match your style of tattooing.

Choose between hard, medium and soft cushion that is expertly built into a clever durable “shock absorber” in the drive bar. Open up a whole new world of potential and finesse with cartridge use.


Bundle these Cushion Drive Bars with our Model D and save $10. 


*Three drive bars in each pack, Hard, Medium and Soft.