Tuff Tubes


 The GGS Tuff Tube is precision molded with an aluminum back stem and low density core wrapped in a natural black rubber grip that is purposely engineered to significantly reduce vibration and eliminate flex. This solves the two most common plaguing issues in most conventional plastic disposable tubes.

  Our crystal clear high flow tips are molded from premium medical grade, high slip plastic and come are available in slash cut round, slash cut diamond and open wash magnum. Comfort and durability are paramount for us when it comes to providing a quality disposable tube that you can rely on without worry. Tuff Tubes are only available in standard 30mm (1.25”) grips.

*Please keep in mind for any lining groupings larger than a standard tight 3 or bug pin 5 that we recommend you up size your tube to maximize ink flow and wash out.

  • Tuff Tube 30MM


    Tuff Tube 30MM

    When we sat down years ago with a fellow tattooer and discussed what was wrong with the movement into disposable grips we realised it was all in the stem. Moving from metal grips to plastic created flex and made the tattooing process feel unstable...

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