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Tuff Tubes

The Original Tuff Tubes;

So a few years ago, I had a conversation with a good friend and amazing tattooer James Tex. If you don’t already know James’ work then you need to, he sets a high bar for all of us on all levels. We found ourselves talking about he shortfalls of disposable tubes and why doesn’t anybody produce a tube that corrects the main plaguing problem? The back stem. There's nothing worse than getting down to lining a tattoo after all of your painstaking drawing preparation to have the tube flex and mess with your needle position, suddenly you’re no longer focussing on your tattoo but now you’re fighting with your tools. How do we address that?

Well it's 2013, why aren’t we fixing this issue? (Yes, it took 2 long years to develop our Tuff Tubes). Whats the answer? A rigid metal back stem in a disposable tube. Now we're no longer fighting with a flexing disposable tube. Now we're no longer grinding metal on metal and leaving micro ground stainless steel behind in our tattoos. The Tuff Tubes are the perfect answer and we’ve made them affordable. A premium product that blows EVERY other hybrid plastic/metal tubes out of the water at a price point that every working tattooer can afford and enjoy. Were honoured to have the opportunity to listen to our friends and address the needs of our community. These are produced in a way that guarantees a non-slip grip or your money back. Killer disposable tubes designed by tattooers. Perfect tools that do what they should with ease. You will not find a better disposable tube on the market and we stand by that.