"In 2004, Ray Webb introduced the Neotat Original Linear rotary tattoo machine. Ray recognized a new trend in tattoo consumers and he believed a new machine with an entirely new mechanism was in order.

The Neotat Original weighs less than comparable coil tattoo machines. It is quiet and vibrates less than coil machines, which is an improvement for both the artist and the customer. Neotat Original, and the machines that have followed, continue to use non-proprietary conventional needles and tubes as well as the newer cartridge systems. All Neotat machines are consistent, smooth running rotary tattoo machines featuring our original linear mechanism that produces a perfectly straight motion. A clip on the glide holds the needle bar in place, eliminating the need for rubber bands. The design of the Vivace and NeoTat make it compatible with all tubes, grips and needle set ups. Neotat and Vivace machines are built in our shop, in Miami, Arizona USA.

Ray is committed to the 1⁄4 phono plug as an electrical connector. However, the availability of quality power cords is sometimes limited and artists often have other machines and equipment set up with either Clip Cord or RCA cord connections. To meet their needs, all Neotat and Vivace machines are available with any one of these three connector types.

We continue to make changes to improve performance and reliability of our machines. All machine frames are billet machined in our own shop. Aluminum frames are machined from 6061 alloy aircraft aluminum stock. Aluminum frames are anodized to protect the surface. Brass frames are also machined in house and are treated to form a patina on the brass surface. Brass frames will change color and continue to patina. (This machine is not for everyone.) The Glide bar is also billet machined in house, of Delrin plastic. These parts are not molded plastic.

Since the very beginning we have used motors made by Mabuchi Motors of Japan. Mabuchi Motors have proven most suitable for our application, offering more power than other small electric motors, and have been very reliable. Our machines are designed to operate between 6- 16 volts DC.

We have several new products in the works, including EyeLoc which is a feature of the Stregato (and NeoHex) machines. EyeLoc allows Neotat and Vivace machines to operate as cartridge machines. EyeLoc does not work with needlebars. Most Neotat Original and Vivace machines may be retrofitted to use the EyeLoc Glide. Stregato and EyeLoc are still in early “quiet” release while we gather feedback from artists. "