GGS- Model D Rotary Machine

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The Model D

At Good Guy we really invest a lot of care and energy into thoughtful design of the tools we produce and enjoy tattooing with ourselves. 

The Model D is a powerful direct drive machine purposely built to fit the requirements of any style of tattooing. 

Featuring a fully adjustable stroke length giving you the option of a 2.0mm to 4.0mm stroke with one simple twist of the adjustment key. Five separate strokes in one compact powerful machine. Essentially five machines in one!

The Model D supports standard on bar and cartridge needles seamlessly. 

Beautifully 3D machined from aluminum and satin anodized, this finish feels so nice to the touch and is a breeze to wipe down. 

A perfectly placed rca connection locates the cord horizontally over your hand to negate unwanted pulling or imbalance that you may have experienced with other machines. This placement also reduces premature breakdown of the cord itself due to excessive flex and movement throughout use. Ergonomic and functional. 

Whether this is your first Good Guy machine or you’re back for another, we’re honoured you’ve put your trust in us to help make your job easier and more enjoyable. 

Machine weighs: 95 grams / 3.4 ounces

***Open up nearly unlimited options of hit and stroke by bundling a set of our Cushion Drive Bars to your Model D and save $10.

Available Colors: 

Satin Black

Satin Rose Gold

Satin Gold 

Satin Electric Blue

Satin Pink