• Hive Caps- HIVE KEEP- Ink Storage

    Hive Caps

    Hive Caps- HIVE KEEP- Ink Storage

    Hive Keep creative tool storage.   Meet HIVE KEEP: a Patented customizable, creative tool storage solution. Invented by an artist with artists in mind, HIVE KEEP is designed to simplify the storage of art supplies, tattoo inks,...

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  • Good Biodegradable PLA Ink Caps- 4 sizes


    Good Biodegradable PLA Ink Caps- 4 sizes

    The Good Bio Ink Caps Eco-friendly and biodegradable disposable ink caps. Responsibly made from natural wheat straw fibre and PLA. Good Guy Supply has taken special consideration in every effort to reduce the carbon footprint of our Good Bio Ink Caps...

    $12.50 - $24.00
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  • The Good Biodegradable Razors- Super Sharps 100/box


    The Good Biodegradable Razors- Super Sharps 100/box

    100/box-10 packs of 10 -Double the quantity of other brands Packaged in biodegradable wrap Twice the quantity of other brands Great value for less- shop and compare! Extra sharp razors We are proud to add these razors, made of cornstarch, to our...

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    Quicksand is a super absorbent safe and effective way to deal with rinse cup and ink clean up. Quicksand is proudly a 100% reclaimed super absorbent polymer, responsibly manufactured in Canada. We’ve package our Quicksand “super...

    $10.00 - $64.99
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  • Good Biodegradable Ink Caps Medium and Large


    Good Biodegradable Ink Caps Medium and Large

    These measure the same as medium 15mm and large 18mm caps.  200 caps/bag   Converting high use daily products to eco-friendly materials means less plastic in our landfills.  Our biodegradable ink caps are made from an eco-friendly...

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  • Hygiene Tool


    Hygiene Tool

    Hygiene Tool that lets you open doors & push buttons.  Made from brass which is inherently antimicrobial.  Flat stylus tip for pushing all those buttons.  Door hook Finger hole to help grip Attach with the keyring loop to your...

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  • The High-Jack

    Bowers Supply

    The High-Jack

    "The High-Jack is a product I developed to make my clip cord drape and move more easily. The High-Jack magnetically attaches to your workstation and plugs in to the machine port on your power supply. Your clip cord then plugs in to the High-Jack,...

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  • Hive Cups™️

    Hive Caps

    Hive Cups™️

    Hive Cups™️ Is an innovation by the inventor of Hive Caps®️ Hive Cups™️ are designed to: •Keep your cartridges safe (no more rolling off) •Keep your needles from drying (submerge the tips in water) •Stable rinse cup...

    $20.00 - $40.00
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  • DIPCAP - BOX OF 24


    DIPCAP - BOX OF 24

    DIPCAP is the world's finest instrument to clean, blend, dry, or dilute ink in seconds while tattooing. DIPCAP contains a Proprietary Eco-Friendly foam that gives you the ability to save time and take your color pallet to a whole new level of color for...

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  • DEEP Single Sided Hive Caps™️

    Hive Caps

    DEEP Single Sided Hive Caps™️

    DEEP Single Sided Hive Caps™  NEW space efficient packaging with resealable flap! DEEP (Holds more ink then a standard #16) SNAP TOGETHER (Just snap together and go) STACK-ABLE (Prevent inks from drying) MEASURING LINES (For reliable...

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  • Hive Caps - Now available in colors!

    Hive Caps

    Hive Caps - Now available in colors!

    HIVE CAPS Greatest Ink Caps for Tattooing. Easy Set Up. Just snap together and get to work. More stable than standard caps. Stack-able and reversible for small and large caps (comparable to #9 and...

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  • On Sale!
    Sure Glide Tips

    Sure Glide

    Sure Glide Tips

    Sure glide tips are produced from FDA aproved surgical plastic and are autoclavable and re-useable. Perfect for the artist who uses a variety of lighter colours with steel tubes as there is no greying from metal on metal friction.

    Now: $2.00
    Was: $5.50
    MSRP: $5.50
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  • Silicone Tubing

    Amain Hobbies

    Silicone Tubing

    Sold by the foot in an array of color choices to best suit your fancy. Silicone tubing is a nice alternative to grommets or nipples and provides a very positive connection between armature bar and needle bar.

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  • Dynarex Rinsecups 5oz Clear and Color


    Dynarex Rinsecups 5oz Clear and Color

    -High Value, High Quality Drinking Cups made from high impact polypropylene that is both sturdy and shatterproof, yet flexible. -Rolled lip for easy separation -Ribbed in the center for easy handling and sturdy construction Clear cups- 25 sleeves...

    $2.75 - $4.50
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  • Nipples



    Super Soft Black Extra Soft Clear Soft Green Medium Hard Black Hard Blue Extra Hard Pink 100/bag

    $5.50 - $5.95
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  • Fisherbrand Wash Bottle


    Fisherbrand Wash Bottle

    500ml Specifications:Closure Material: PolypropyleneNot AutoclavableClosure Type Screw CapColor: TranslucentMaterial: LDPE

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