True Color Medium Blue

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We are hyped to re-introduce our True Color line. We have it produced in an ISO 9001, tattooer run, facility which means clean, high quality pigment due to strict standards that we are proud to put our names behind. Currently available in 1oz and 2oz sizing with 1oz value sample sets available. Enjoy how this pigment will make your tattoos look stronger, brighter while lasting longer for your clientele. 


  • True Color is %100 Vegan and tested on humans only. 


  • North American, South American and European registered and compliant. Our goal is to always meet and exceed all requirements in all regions.


  • Gamma ray sterilization. 


  • PH corrected to the human body. 


  • Dispersion solution helps suspend pigment longer to prevent settling while also helping deliver the pigment to the skin efficiently and safely. 


Done the “good” way.