TIMmy Thermal Copier by 3K Instruments

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Experience TIMmy, the compact and affordable thermal copier designed specifically for tattoo artists.

As a smaller version of the popular TIM thermal copier, TIMmy offers a cost-effective solution without sacrificing essential functions.

TIMmy is lighter, easier to handle and fits perfectly into any workspace.

With a user-friendly interface, it enables the effortless creation of detailed stencils in seconds.

TIMmy uses the same high-quality components as its bigger brother TIM. The robust metal housing, finished with a high-quality powder coating, not only underlines its durability, but also gives TIMmy a professional and attractive design.


Concentrate on the essentials and increase your efficiency without compromising on quality.

TIMmy - The thermal copier that simplifies your tattoo art and gives you more time for your creative work. Discover the perfect balance between functionality and affordability.


Technical data:


L x W x H: 14 Inch 5.5 Inch 4.5 Inch

Weight: 8 lbs

Power: 1150W

Material: Powder-coated metal