The Original Good Pen Grips 32mm- 15/box

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2 free boxes max per order. Please read note below.

A note from Lucas…


In an ongoing effort to always improve upon our products we have hit an inconvenient snag with our original good pen grips. After green lighting our pre-production samples of the new moulds for the grips, the production grips we received from manufacturing do not quite meet our high quality standards. So that said we can not ask you to pay for a product we are not 100% satisfied with. The grips are currently slightly louder than before, the adjustment is just a little too stiff and the fitment grip to the machine body is not quite positive enough. Unacceptable for our commitment to you!


If you are currently using the Original RCA Good Pen, you will not be charged for grips until our replacements are in house and available. We will not leave you hanging! 


Any current users are welcome to add a max of two boxes of grips per order to keep you rolling while we wait for replacements and these will be at their improved glory by early to mid April. This adjustment is being expedited and will be solved as quickly as possible.


A couple tips for the current available grips;


  • When I isolate the machine body, I first wrap tape over the connection point of the body and grip, next I tape the RCA cord cover to this wrap of tape. This will help inhibit the grip and body connection from loosening if and when you adjust needle depth.

  • The grips are supplied with a slightly thicker o-ring to keep this connection solid, don’t forget to install one before joining the grip to the machine. 

  • They’re slightly noisier, this can’t be changed currently but will be remedied.

Thank you for being patient while this is corrected, we always do our best to supply you with the best and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience. 


Our main goal is safety and function. Our Good Pen grips have the drive mechanism fully encased within the grip, this means no internal pen contamination which has been a long standing potential issue with pens until now. Enjoy the benefits of our fully adjustable ergonomic comfort grips with the peace of mind of zero cross contamination. 

  • 15 grips/box
  • 32mm grip size
  • For use with our Original Pen only
  • Safest Pen system on the market







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  • 5
    Great disposable grip system

    Posted by jeremy mathieson on 2022 Oct 14th

    They engineered these things flawlessly. It’s a no mess, sanitary system that allows no chance of cross contamination. They are easily adjustable and make cartridge changing simple and efficient

  • 4
    very close to perfect

    Posted by Ben Matthews on 2020 Jan 15th

    First off, there’s nothing else out there like this really, so it’s tough to compare. They work exactly as they should. The adjustment gives a good positive click and is easy to adjust, but not sloppy and loose like some disposable adjustable tubes I’ve tried. I’ve gone through 60 of them so far. Two have had problems. Both of them there was some issue with the drive mechanism either binding or somehow not engaging. So that’s a 3% failure rate. Not too bad but it could be better. The cartridges I’ve used (Black Claw, FYT, Tat Soul, and Helios) have all fit perfectly and stayed positively locked in place without being too difficult to install or remove. Even after many repeated changes. I work progressively from one side of a piece to the other, so I change carts a LOT. My one and only issue with these is the environmental consequences. Biodegradable packaging and maybe making the grips from cork would go a long way to help with throwing a large chunk of plastic into the landfill.