The Good Tubes Biodegradeable

The Good Tubes Biodegradeable

Posted by @mrlucasford on 2023 May 29th

The Good Tubes Biodegradable

Good Guy Supply is very excited to offer a sustainable option for disposable single-use tattooing tubes.

The Good Tubes Biodegradable boasts up to a 30% reduction in raw material requirements in manufacturing by utilizing a purposely engineered semi-flexible grip with cavities molded into it, wrapped around a super strong trussed internal stem. Two advancements that both increase strength and significantly reduce raw material requirements.

The Good Tubes Biodegradable are injection molded TPR with Ecopure®. Unlike compostable plastic or oxo-biodegradable plastics, the Ecopure® plastic additive allows plastics to biodegrade in landfill environments. The Good Tubes Biodegradable will biodegrade in landfills within 3-5 years, compared to 450-5000 years of current standard plastics.

There are approximately 380 million tons of plastic waste produced annually worldwide that ends up in landfills. We may be a drop in the bucket however we feel any and every positive effort to reduce plastic usage is a mission we must contribute to.

Adding Ecopure® to the manufacturing process creates a catalyst for biodegradation when plastics reach the landfill. Ecopure® allows microbes to create a biofilm that coats the plastic allowing the microorganisms in the biofilm to penetrate the plastic and expand the molecular structure to make room for microbes that send out chemical signals. A part of the quorum sensing process that attract other microbes. Through this process the microbes break down the chemical bonds of polymer chains at an accelerated rate.

Our soft blister packaging is another reduction in raw material needs as well. However, this portion is not biodegradable. It is a step forward in our mission to reduce plastic usage in our industry. Our boxes have also taken a cut to thinner cardboard in a similar effort to reduce the materials required while still holding up to the rigors of shipping.

The Good Tubes Biodegradable are a comfortable 30mm grip available in the following sizes;

Round liner 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 14

Universal diamond multi-liner (coming soon)

Open and closed magnum 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15