Good Guy Supply Adjustable  Cartridge Tubes

Good Guy Supply Adjustable Cartridge Tubes

Posted by @mrlucasford on 2023 Jul 5th

Adjustable Cartridge Tuff Tubes

Have you tried our Tuff Tube adjustable disposable cartridge tubes yet?

We take a lot of pride in producing tools that make ours and your days easier! Our full Tuff Tube line is designed and engineered with ergonomic comfort and flawless function at the forefront. Disposable tubes that are precise and ultra stable with the uncompromising ergonomic design to decrease hand and arm fatigue. Extending your comfort throughout tattoo sessions both long and short, encouraging a long healthy career in tattooing!

Good Guy adjustable cartridge tubes have recently undergone a complete redesign, top to bottom, inside and out. We are extremely obsessive over making the absolute best products possible, we will not cut corners and always go the extra. To be honest we drive our manufacturing partners a little crazy in the process.  

Our adjustable cartridge tubes boast a perfect 35mm ergonomic rubber grip. Just the right size for the average sized hand and very simple to increase in size with a little of our Good Guy Flex Tape. The grips have very smooth shoulders with subtle finger divits and a gradual taper towards the stem, allowing your machine to easily cradle toward your hand for ultimate comfort.

The interior of our adjustable cartridge grips are meticulously engineered to have a very easy to adjust, yet firm clicking adjustment so that your needle depth always stays exactly how you set it and will not self adjust during tattooing from the weight or movement of the machine. This small aspect underwent many many reiterations to reach the final design. We nailed it, perfect positive adjustment with easy!

Both of the Good Guy Adjustable Cartridge Tube models work with every cartridge on the market. We offer these tubes in both Standard and Screw On models to be easily compatible with all vice styles on the market.

Additionally, every box of standard backs stem tubes comes with a package of plunger bars included. Two sizes are present to accommodate any machine, 85mm and 95mm. We also offer supplemental packs HERE, including a third longer size of 105mm. Alternatively the screw on style tubes are not supplied with plunger bars as the machines with screw on vices are generally made with an integrated plunger bar in the machine.

Give em a try and let us know what you think, we LOVE to hear from you! 

Not sure still? Ask us for samples, we're always happy to put a smile on your face.