Solid- Old Pigments Set of 10 2oz

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Old Pigments Set
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Get the whole set, 10 bottles for the price of 9, including all of them.
(See individual colors for descriptions)

.BLUE 15


The formula presented in these colors follows the tradition of what was available for tattooing many years ago, known as “OLD PIGMENTS” 

-We wanted to offer a real set of traditional colors, that will be particularly appreciated by Old School tattooers.

-Some raw pigments used now days in tattooing, like Oranges and Browns, tend to fade when exposed to the sun for many years, but these won’t. Here we did not use any Orange, Magenta, Brown or Violet as a base, only what we like to call "OLD PIGMENTS".

-We were able to achieve these tones using a different approach. For example when you see Brown, we are combining Red, Yellow, Green and Black. When it comes to Orange, Red and Yellow. 

-Solid Inks' "OLD PIGMENTS" are a combination of traditional methods and ingredients, and in some cases, mixed with pre-dispersed formulas. All colors are made of what they call “powder” pigments.

-The selection of these powder pigments is based on decades of experience, and they have shown to be the most stable and durable over the years.

-Bottles are opaque, like back in the day, you won’t see the exact tones through them, we include a picture of the colors for your reference.