Original- 2.5mm Stroke- RCA

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Truly, the Original Linear machine. The mechanism the industry enjoys today started with the Neotat. These are consistent, reliable, quiet and smooth running rotary tattoo machines. They

produce a straight linear motion. More precise than coil machines. The clip on the Glide, an original feature of this machine, is standard on all Neotat and Vivace machines. It holds the

needle bar in place, eliminating the need for rubber bands.


Neotat machines are simple to clean and require no adjustments. Maintenance is minimal, oiling is required after every 200 hours of use. Spend less time on your machine and more time tattooing.

The body may be autoclaved. Neotat Original remains the machine of choice for many artists, particularly for portrait work, medical and permanent make up applications.

Billet machined of 6061 alloy aluminum and anodized. Weighs 4 ounces.

*Dynasty and non-solid body colors may not be exactly as pictured.