NeoTat Original Replacement Springs- Silver- Regular Tension 5/bag

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Springs, Three Varieties:

The spring located under the Glide serves to assist in raising the Glide when power is removed.

Artists still need to be aware of needle exposure when moving their machine. The springs will break and need to be replaced when they do, but it is not necessary to replace them otherwise.

All three are interchangeable, but spring life may vary with application. Neotat and Vivace machines will operate without a spring, if necessary.


Neotat Springs are shorter than Vivace Springs. Designed for Neotat Original machines, they may also be used in Vivace machines if the artist is using cartridges with the

standard Glide. This spring is also used with the EyeLoc. 


Vivace Springs come in two varieties:

Silver Springs perform best in short or mid length stroke machines and in machines that are usually run at 10 volts or lower.

Red Springs last longer in the extra long stoke, 4.2 machines and whenever the artist prefers to work at higher voltages. Generally, with higher voltage and longer strokes

they will need to be replaced more often. If a Red Spring is in place and the machine doesn’t want to start at a lower voltage, exchange it for a Silver Spring.

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