Bugpin Liners

GGS Bugpin Needles are produced from #10 ( 0.30mm) 304 stainless stock, the same idea as our regular #12 needles yet thinner individual needles that essentially make a smaller individual dot. This results in incredibly smooth black and grey or smooth colour blends. 

 Bugpin Liners: When utilizing bugpins for liner groupings you get to enjoy incredibly stable groupings approximately one step down in size from what you are used to with standard groupings. For example, a bugpin 5 will produce a line similar to a regular tight 3 with less likelihood of blowouts and excess trauma to the skin. You get a crisp, dark, and low trauma line with ease.

  • On-Bar Bugpin Liners


    On-Bar Bugpin Liners

    Good Guy Supply Super Thin (bug-pin) Liners are built with a smaller #10 pin (0.30) size. We are able to maintain a super stable grouping and get crisp perfect lines from small groupings by doing so. We find these sub out regular tight liners...

    $20.00 - $30.00
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