D20- Western Beige FDA Approved Green

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The D20 linear slide style rotary machine. Packs a punch, try one and you won't want to put it down.

- Swiss precision motor
- All aluminum body
- 4.6oz (130 grams) lightweight design with great balance that's easy on the wrist
- Linear slide style makes setup easy, even for a first time rotary user
- Great for shading, coloring and lining
- 4mm Stroke
- Punchy with a consistent hit
- Works with all rotary ready power supplies
- New improved frame with guillotine tube vice

While the D20 can be used with Cartridges, like most standard Rotary machines, it's not purely designed for this. This means that the motor has to use some extra force to push the needlebar, compared to regular long bar needles, and this may result in the motor wearing out quicker than usual.

For more info read the D20 Instructions PDF