The Good Black

The Good Black

Posted by @mrlucasford on 2023 May 10th

The Good Black

The Good Black just got even better!

We’re proud to announce that the improved Good Black formula is now REACH compliant in the EU.

Our Good Black is now a slightly thinner consistency making it faster, cleaner to work with and counterintuitively far more pigment dense. The proprietary dispersing solution is as advanced as it gets in the world of tattooing and allows for a greater pigment load per volume. Engineered by pharmaceutical scientists and colour engineers to perfectly match dispersing solution particles to pigment particles, bringing us a fast dark black.

The Good Black is manufactured in an industry leading GMP certified iso 9001 facility. The entire True Color line boasts the absolute cleanest 99.98% pure cosmetic grade raw pigment available on the market. That means absolutely no heavy metals and substandard fillers, just good clean safe pigment. The Good Black is precision ground to a perfect particle size and pigment dense to a level that no other producers can boast.

The Good Black is a perfect all in one everyday black. Fast clean lining, rich solid black and silky smooth blends. Try it with our Liquid Gold dispersing solution to create super smooth washes on the go.

PH correct to the human body and gamma ray sterilized to bring to our tattooing community the safest, quickest healing black possible. Our dispersion solution provides a product that will not will not settle and heals darker and faster.

We believe in doing things one way, the GOOD way. As working tattooers we are obsessed with constant improvement. Every great tattoo starts with a Good Black!