The Good Maple Slip

The Good Maple Slip

Posted by @mrlucasford on 2023 Apr 20th

The Good Maple Slip

Seriously though, how much more Canadian could we get? The Good Slip, maple scented! If this doesn't make you drool the moment you get a whiff, then you're crazy, eh?

The Good Maple Slip was expertly developed by a leading team of pharmaceutical scientists bringing to our craft a direct replacement for more commonly used petroleum products. Many of these other "off the shelf" products are adapted to and not intended for tattooing. Sure, they work and are easy to find, but the quality could be better, and more importantly, the quality should be better when used for tattooing.

Most off-shelf brands are low quality refinements of petroleum jelly and distilled water. Very basic, very cheap, and intended for various uses.

The Good Maple Slip is a micro-ground cosmetic grade ultra-high-quality slip designed by tattooers specifically for tattooing. Lower melt temperatures work great on the skin; it won't clog pores or needles while also providing conditioning elements to the skin during and after the tattooing process. Beneficial, not just useful. Our slip is vegan and has only ever been tested on real people. Available in 250g travel size and 800g shop size, that won't break the bank.

Our goal is to merge high-quality ingredients and a value-packed price point. High performance does not have to come at high prices.

The Good Maple Slip contains Microcrystalline wax, Paraffinum Liquidum, Synthetic Wax, and Canadian Maple Scent

  • Vegan
  • Won't clog pores or needles
  • Low melting point
  • No animal testing