The Good Stencil

The Good Stencil

Posted by @mrlucasford on 2023 May 10th

The Good Stencil

An industry leading team of cosmetic engineers developed The Good Stencil to produce the absolute longest-lasting, strongest stencils possible.

Over the years, many products have been adapted to stencil application, and a few have been designed explicitly for tattooing. There are many great options out there, and were happy to offer one of the absolute best.

For the most effortless application, we suggest you thoroughly prep the skin by removing any fine body hair from the area to be tattooed. Clean the area with soap and water and a final wipe down with 70% alcohol. Apply a small amount of The Good Stencil and rub it around to create a thin tacky layer. Apply the paper stencil and allow it to sit for a minimum of 10-15 seconds or until the paper is semi-dry. Now remove and allow the stencil to air dry for a few minutes, and you're ready to tattoo!

That stencil is likely the strongest you've ever experienced! If you are not pleased with the location of the stencil and need to reapply, you'll want to act quickly, as these stencils are solid. You can use a little more of The Good Stencil to reactivate and loosen up the stencil, wipe this off and apply some hand sanitizer to the area to remove the remainder and repeat if needed giving it a final wipe down with soap and water. We've found this is our favourite way to remove an improperly placed stencil. Please don't wait too long, as the longer it settles, the harder it is to remove.

You're now ready to give it another go!

Like all of our Good products, the Good Stencil is a product that we produce with high value in mind. We combine high quality with a great price to bring you the best daily-use products at a fair price. High quality does not need to come at a high price.

The Good Stencil is available in two sizes, a standard 240ml (8oz) twist top and a 950ml (32oz) pump top shop size.