Good Biodegradable Tubes-Multi Liners 20/box

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Good Tubes Biodegradable- Multi Liner…

The Good Biodegradable Multi Liner simplifies the need to stock a variety of diamond tube sizes. The Multi Liner easily accommodates needle sizes from tight 3 rounds to 18 rounds, securely and accurately. One tube for all liners! 

The super thin wall precision tips securely locate your needle grouping ultra close to the skin, providing maximum ink flow.

***With two options available, the closed tip is generally best suited for most outlining work with all round groupings. On the contrary the open wash version is very well suited for large round groupings and or coloring with round shaders.***

The Good Biodegradable Tubes boast up to a 30% reduction in raw material requirements in manufacturing by utilising a purposely engineered semi-flexible grip with cavities moulded into it, wrapped around a super strong trussed internal stem. Two advancements that both increase strength and significantly reduce raw material requirements. Using injection moulded TPR with Ecopure® to make these unlike other compostable plastic or oxo-biodegradable plastics, the Ecopure® plastic additive allows plastics to biodegrade in landfill environments. The Good Tubes Biodegradable will biodegrade in landfill conditions in 3-5 years, compared to 450-5000 years of standard plastics.

Although non-biodegradable, our soft blister packaging is another reduction in raw material needs as well by using less raw material to produce. Our boxes have also taken a cut to thinner cardboard in a similar effort to reduce the materials required while still holding up to the rigours of shipping. These steps help forward our mission to reduce plastic usage in our industry. 

The Good Tubes Biodegradable are a comfortable 30mm grip.


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Price Per Tube

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