Vivace MAGIC- 4.2mm Stroke- Clipcord

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Magic Motors compared to Standard Drive Motors:

Both motor styles use the same Mabuchi motor, but the drive mechanisms are different.

Standard Drive Motors use a steel crank wheel (often called a cam) which determines the stroke length of the mechanism. Each and every motor, during assembly, has the crank wheel 

balanced on to the motor shaft. This part is not intended to ever be removed. In front of the crank wheel is a bearing, which drives the Glide up and down. If necessary, the bearing may be replaced.

Magic Motors use a brass crank wheel which is both heavier and larger than the steel version. The greater rotational mass of the Magic Motor creates a smoother rotation. The original

mechanism, of the Standard Drive Motor, is very smooth, but the Magic Motor is a little smoother. All of our frames built in the past few years will accommodate the Magic Motor

mechanism, some earlier frames will not.

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    The ultimate rotary

    Posted by Nathan Chapman on 2021 Jan 13th

    This machine is by far the greatest rotary that I have used to date. I have been through so very many rotaries in the last few years searching for the smooth action and power that this had right under my nose the whole time. It really is like a magic wand that does exactly what I tell it to do with every stroke. The fact that you can turn it up to 16 volts is bananas but it just means that it has gobs of power on the top end if you need it. Also the fact that all the parts are interchangeable and replaceable without having to send the damn thing in for warranty service is just what I like. I feel stupid for not buying this thing sooner. Make sure you get the magic motor.

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