Tuff Traveler Tips


 Tuff Tube Traveler is the traveling coil machine tattooers dream. We all know what a nightmare it is to travel with 4 or 5 boxes of different grouping tubes and still not be sure you’ve got what you need. We have the solution! No more will you have to buy every grouping of tubes to match your needles. Now, you buy a box or two of grips and the groupings of tips you will think you will use and then you make the tube that is required at the time. This makes traveling much easier, as you now bring enough grips for the tattoos you will do with a selection of tips that you think you will use, thus eliminating the need to bring large boxes of traditional tubes and reducing it to a a couple small boxes, that we made ergonomic for travel, and a needle sized box or two for all your tip grouping options.  With less boxes needed for tubes, we believe this is a more environmentally friendly option as well.

 *Tuff Tube Traveler will only accommodate up to a maximum width of 15 magnum needles as like regular disposable tubes the grouping passes directly through the centre of the grip.

 Do you prefer a more connected rigid feel with cartridge use? Tuff Tube Traveler fills that need too. These tubes utilize the same cam lock mechanism as all conventional cartridges and can be used as an ultra sturdy non adjustable cartridge tube. 

*Be sure to request a variety pack of our fat tip plunger bars if you plan to use these with cartridge application.