Stregato Clipcord 3.5mm

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The Stregato Rotary Tattoo Machine is a brand new and innovative Cartridge Needle
tattoo machine from the mad scientists at Neotat. This state of the art rotary tattoo
machine, with it’s sleek, hexagon shaped machine body, runs incredibly smooth and
has the power to push even the largest cartridge tattoo needles. The ergonomically
shaped body fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to grip throughout your tattooing
session. It is designed to work with cartridge needles you may already be using, not
proprietary products.

The all new EyeLoc is a locking bar loop system never before seen in tattooing. Patent
pending, EyeLoc allows the artist a choice of soft or hard disposable drive bar cushions,
the Locks. Stregato machines come with 25 of each type so the artist may determine
which best suits their need. EyeLoc centers the push bar to prevent drag and ‘welding’
of the tube. The rotary cartridge machine you have been looking for is here. Intended for
professionals, we ask that you seek training from a professional on how to operate
these tattoo machines.

Stregato machines feature our Magic Motor, which provides an even smoother
movement than our original standard drive motors. Magic Motor Cartridges use the
same motor as our standard, but with a different crank wheel. The new crank wheel is
made of brass and is larger. This creates a more forward balancing point, which should
help push the needle toward the skin. The brass crank wheel, with its heaver rotating
mass, provides a smoother hit up and down with the needle. The Magic Motor Cartridge
is available in 2.5, 3.5 and 4.2 stroke lengths and is the same as used in our Vivace

The Stregato Machine comes in three different connector types; Clip Cord, RCA and 1/8
Phono. We prefer the Phono connector as this is the most reliable and comfortable
connector type. However, we understand that everyone has their own preferences. The
“Top Load” motor cartridge, available in 1/8 Phono connector only, allows you to rotate
the connector to come out at whichever angle is most comfortable for you.

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