Power Supplies and Accessories

We carry Critical Tattoo power supplies with many levels of options from the basic CX-1 to the CX2-R with wireless capabilites. The Bandit is an all around killer supply that works great no matter the power of the building you are working in. Consistant power all the time.  Ipower, the newest in power supply technology, used wirelessly via bluetooth with your handheld device. And Mini Talon power supplies that are compact and light great for travelling. We also have great clipcords from one of our machine builders, Brian Patton. His premium featherlite clipcords are light and made with quality parts backed with a 6 month warranty, warranty card sent with each cord. 

All Power Supplies have a manufacturing warranty that will be handled by the manufacturer. Good Guy Supply is not responsible for dealing with the warranties, but we can provide you any information you require and are happy to assist. Please be sure to keep your warranty info and invoice.