Power Supplies and Accessories

We are proud of the power supplies we carry to power your machine.

Our Good Power is the best of 2 worlds, techy if you want all the bells and whistles or run it basic with a simple touch of a button. 1 year limited warranty with an option to purchase an extended warranty.

From our friends at Eagleview, The Bandit is an all around killer supply that works great no matter the power of the building you are working in. Consistent power all the time. And the upgraded Gunslinger is just like the bandit but has slightly upgraded components to help with long term durability. Both are strong supplies and each have their advantages. 

For clipcords and RCA we have you covered.

We have our brand of Good Cords available in clip, RCA and right angle RCA. Available in a variety of colors and standard 6ft lengths. Comes with a limited 6 month warranty.

Our American pal, Brian Patton, has featherlite clipcords are light and made with quality parts backed with a limited 6 month warranty, warranty card sent with each cord. He has upgraded these throughout the years with the inner wire being tougher but lighter at the same time. They have morphed into the Cobra Kord, available in multiple colors. 

Please contact the warehouse about any warranty questions you may have at 1-877-982-8866.