GGS Tight Liners are a conventional tight grouping. During the soldering process the individual needles points are drawn together into a tight very closely spaced grouping. Great for precise crisp lines.

 GGS Singles are special, rather than the old way of making a single from a standard 3 grouping by pulling one pin further out of the grouping during the soldering process. Ours are specifically made from 0.45mm 304 stainless stock. The thicker needle stock keeps the pin very stiff and stable. 

 GGS Semi Tights are just as the title coveys, they are a slightly relaxed version of a tight liner. By relaxing the tightness of the grouping just slightly, each individual pin is able to act on its own and penetrate the skin with less force. This means the grouping carries greater ink load and does less damage while providing you easy single pass crisp lines. 

 GGS Straight Liners are an adapted version of the old round shader. We pull our solder forward slightly closer to the needle tips to make the individual pins more rigid. This keeps the grouping “loose” while negating slight changes in line weight that can be experienced when using a round shader grouping. Doing so allows for a low trauma, super consistent lining grouping for those who prefer single pass bold lines.

 GGS Hollow Liners are carefully constructed to provide a big loose grouping with no centre pin. Perfectly round, super stable groupings every time. This means fat single pass BOLD lines with maximum pigment load and low low trauma to the skin.