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Bug pins:

Beautiful perfect bugpin groupings. We built our company on quality needles. Now we offer a premium bugpin line for your enjoyment. You need micro lines with ease? Try out our killer bugpin liners…. you want super soft smooooooth greys? Try our bugpin mags. All of these groupings were co- designed with the help of our good friend and canadian tattooer, Craig Fenrick @paintbynumber He does some of the smoothest beautiful portraits and were honoured to have his expertise play into another great product, brought to you by people who tattoo every day, just like you do.


Super Thin Liners

 Good Guy Super Thin Liners employ a smaller pin size (Bugpin). We are able to maintain a super stable grouping and get crisp perfect lines from small groupings by doing so. We find these sub out regular tight liners beautifully, for example: you’re going to do whip a tattoo, rather than a tight 3 grab a Super Thin 5….. got some tight work around some eyes in a portrait well try a super thin 3 and enjoy lines like a single yet more stable and forgiving.