Supremes- Premium Membrane Cartridge Needles

Supremes Membrane Cartridges


 We went back to the drawing board and built a new cartridge from the bottom up. We are proud to introduce our new GGS Supremes.

 One of the most important aspects to us, in bringing a quality membrane cartridge to our catalog, is the needle placement. Membrane cartridges have always lacked positive down-force to keep the grouping firmly placed in the base of the tip, especially with round and lining groupings. Through careful engineering, we’ve successfully achieved an extremely stable system which replicates that of our standard non-membrane cartridges.

 The membrane tension was the next step. We wanted to produce a membrane that is firm, yet not too stiff nor too soft. Through much experimentation, we have found the perfect middle ground that achieves this down-force and tension to create a super stable tattooing experience that won’t prematurely wear out your machine's motor with unneeded resistance.

 Our crystal clear tips have been carefully designed with a refined reservoir for ink load and perfect flow that allows for a consistent little puddle around your grouping to pull long effortless lines. Similarly, our hybrid magnum tips provide an improved ink load and flow with an easy wash out. The design behind the tips combines both conventional closed tip and open tip construction into one universal magnum tip that captures the best of both worlds.

 Our Supreme chassis introduces one of the most exciting design aspects to us yet - clear grouping numbers in large print. Simple but innovative, this design choice will make it easier than ever to keep your groupings organized and easily identifiable on the fly.

 Tattooing is hard enough already. We strive to make every aspect we can simpler and easier.