Cartridge Needles

The Good Cartridges


We built Good Guy Supply on the backs of our needles as they are our flagship product. We pride ourselves on the quality and value you get when using our needles. Tattooing is our passion and we use these everyday just like you do. 

Our cartridges mirror our on bar needles. Manufactured with elastic construction to provide positive down force between the needle and tip. This negates and wobble during tattooing and also increases the lifespan of your machines motor by providing a light tension. 

If you prefer a membrane construction, you’ll be happy to know our soon to be released “SUPREMES” are engineered in the exact same manner but with a light membrane as opposed to elastic. Positive down force, crystal clear “high slip” tips and some advancements that are going to up the bar! Stay tuned.....

Our needle line is based on the specs of our founder Lucas Ford's needle making days. Yes, back in the day of hand making your needles for the week! Every aspect carefully and thoughtfully crafted to bring you the highest quality, easiest tattooing needles we can. Everything from needle grind to taper length to tightness is obsessively taken in to consideration. Thankfully you don't have to do that anymore and can simply enjoy high quality needles from tattooers just like you.