Good White 8oz

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PLEASE READ!!! Unique to our industry, we use a glass ball agitator in our True Color inks. Please ensure you shake vigorously until you feel the ball release. Shake well before use!

The Good Black is as good as it gets. A neutral black that goes in smooth and easy. Perfect for lining shading and packing fields of ultra saturated BLACK. Our black is formulated to create a versatile product that will also wash out into super silvery smooth washes. Perfect for all styles, black and grey to beautiful dense wind bars, it does it all. 

We believe in doing things one way, the good way. The Good Black is no exception, color we can proudly put our name on and share with you, our friends and peers. 

WARNING! Good Guy is not responsible for ink freezing in winter months, we will do all we can to keep it warm and get it to you fast. If you have any concerns about shipping please call and we can figure out your best option.