Tubes and Grips

We carry a disposable tube for you!

Check out the premium Original Tuff Tube now made with aluminum back stems that reduce the vibration and have no flex! Beware of cheap imitations, steel oxidizes and rusts, and no one wants that near a fresh tattoo.  They also sport our redesigned, high flow tips in slash cut round, diamond and MAG. You'll be happy to tattoo all day with these! Only available in 30mm grips.

Our Red Line Tuff Tube, formally Good Guy tubes, in full plastic with the highest quality plastics and a molding process that keeps the grips from slipping with tips that have a high ink flow. Available in flat round, diamond and MAG. Redline tubes are available in 25mm (1") or 30mm (1.25") grips. Designed by tattooers that use these tubes daily. If you like these you'll love our needles that work effortlessly with our tubes. 

Our main goal with our Good Pen Grips is safety and function. Our Good Pen grips have the drive mechanism fully encased within the grip, this means no internal pen contamination which has been a long standing potential issue with pens until now. Enjoy the benefits of our fully adjustable ergonomic comfort grips with the peace of mind of zero cross contamination.