Better Butter Care - Travel Size 7.5g

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Better Butter Care is a fully nourishing skin care for tattooed and stressed skin and smells like chocolate heaven!

Designed for use before, during, and after care of tattooed or otherwise stressed skin.

Better Butter Care can be used for many varying types of skin maladies
 such as sunburns, bug bites, dry and itchy skin.

Some skin conditions are soothed and relieved with Better Butter Care. It can be used anytime, anywhere.

Better Butter Care is a great skin conditioner right out of the shower or bath.

All you'll need to lavish and nourish the skin that's yours. Better Butter Care is made with all natural ingredients and is 100% plant based.




COCOA BUTTER - This healthy fat is an antioxidant superstar moisturizer and emollient. It melts into a silky slather and makes every inch of you smell like a tropical treat.

BABASSU SEED OIL - Full of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, this oil can be helpful for itchiness caused by bug bites or sunburn and can be soothing relief for eczema sufferers.

CALENDULA - Known to speed up the healing process, this oil can soothe irritated skin with anti inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral protective properties while helping improve the skin's firmness.

VITAMIN E - The anti-oxidant dream ingredient for all skin types because of it’s anti-aging and hydrating benefits.

NEEM OIL - A natural water repellent, this oil locks in moisture and contains antifungal properties to aid in problem free healing.

CANDELILLA WAX - This wax acts as a barrier to prevent moisture loss and has been known to reduce the appearance of age spots on skin.