Aluma Liner

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Aluminum Coleman Liners

These aluminum Coleman liners are precision cnc cut from a solid block of aluminum alloy and fit with a special wide keyway iron yoke to produce an ultra lightweight, super stable machine. Weighing in at a mere 5.0 oz, the unique design and special aluminum alloy delivers a machine with low vibration and a beautiful tone rather than the loud tingy sound you’d expect from aluminum. The Coleman frames are anodized to produce a super durable, easy to maintain finish. 

Fit with deluxe origami paper wrapped 1.0” coils and premium hardware, they have a solid hit with a medium speed and throw. 135 hz at 5 volts unloaded. Best suited for 5-9 liners yet they have the extra power to handle up to an 11. 

All the magic of a coil liner in a super lightweight package that will be easy on your hands and wrists for years to come.