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Saniderm Bandage

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    • How to care for a new Tattoo using Saniderm
      Saniderm is the ultimate aftercare for new tattoos! Clean, con...

    How to care for a new Tattoo using Saniderm

    Saniderm is the ultimate aftercare for new tattoos! Clean, convenient and affordable! For more details or to place an order check out This video shows how to apply Saniderm to a new tattoo.
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    1. We love this witchcraft

      We use it on ourselves and on clients. When used properly this stuff heals tattoos very quickly and really takes out the potential errors in healing within that first week.

      We tried a few brands out and Sanderim is the easiest to apply by far, totally worth the few extra bucks.
      on 2019 Oct 16th

    2. incredible healing

      Always the perfect heal with this amazing stuff!! on 2019 Oct 11th

    3. use it myself

      I love being able to offer saniderm to my clients! It’s great for worry free healing, especially those that have potentially dirty jobs & can’t take weeks of healing time off. I use it on all my own tattoos now.
      The odd client gets some irritation from the adhesive or tugging of the bandage in sensitive areas as I have too but honestly a small price to pay for the speed with which Saniderm helps a tattoo heal!
      on 2019 Apr 11th

    4. Quality is still there

      I recently had some problems with a slightly cheaper product and after switching back to Saniderm realize how inferior the product was, thanks Saniderm for being a consistent quality I and my clients can rely on. on 2018 Jun 7th

    5. Love it!

      I love it and so do my clients! No more messing with bandages and tape and my clients are much more comfortable and love that they can still see their new work! Will be ordering the after care"paks"! on 2018 May 9th

    6. LOVE Saniderm!

      Incomparable difference in so many aspects of the healing process! Comfort, integrity of the artwork, and even the simple aspect of keeping that bad boy clean while it heals!
      We will never go without it now, after seeing healed work we recommend all of our clients who can to use Saniderm & only continuously receive positive feedback in response. Awesome!
      on 2017 Nov 27th

    7. The best!

      I love this stuff! I've used other similar products and this one is my favourite. It's especially useful on people who generally have a little more difficulty healing and/or tend to weep more.
      I recommend my clients put it on the following day and leave it on for a day or two.
      (Initially I use regular absorbent bandages to soak up the weeping.) I find the Saniderm offers the client both a more comfortable and quicker healing experience.
      on 2016 Nov 15th

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