These groupings are produced to our stringent specs and go through a multi-step quality control process to cull out all of the groupings that can’t hold up to our strict requirements. The same requirements you expect when you spend your hard earned money on quality tools and supplies


 Straight Liners 

 Good Guy straight liners are built for bold black dense lines. We took that loose round shader that so many people have lined with for years and slightly increased our solder length to make the grouping more stable, thus creating a perfectly round non-tightened liner grouping. These Straight liners are the replacements for loose liners.


 Hollow Liners

 A little different than your regular loose round liner, our hollow liners leave the centre of the grouping empty to minimize trauma and maximize ink deposit in the skin. Good Guy Hollow liners make beautiful single pass bold lines easy.  Hollow liners let every needle act on its own in the grouping and carry way more pigment as they work, long effortless single pass dense lines!


 Semi Tight Liners

 Our Good Guy brand semi tight liners are just that, made the way we used to make our own every day. These liners are only slightly tightened to maintain separation between every needle point thus allowing the tattooer to get easy dense black lines with minimal trauma to the skin. By leaving the grouping slightly relaxed, each needle acts on its own, minimizing the needed force required to push the grouping and maximizing pigment deposit. 


Super Thin Liners

 Good Guy Super Thin Liners employ a smaller pin size (Bugpin). We are able to maintain a super stable grouping and get crisp perfect lines from small groupings by doing so. We find these sub out regular tight liners beautifully, for example: you’re going to do whip a tattoo, rather than a tight 3 grab a Super Thin 5….. got some tight work around some eyes in a portrait well try a super thin 3 and enjoy lines like a single yet more stable and forgiving.

Textured Magnums 

 Good Guys textured magnums are the answer for fast, single pass, and low trauma saturation. We use our long taper number 12 pins to make our textured magnums and during the grinding process the needles are only lightly polished to maintain a slight texture. A bit more aggressive than a polished needle and perfect for those who do large single pass fields of colour, especially if you enjoy thicker traditional pigments. Want peppery whips or stippled black and grey? Textured mags are your answer as the texture carries and deposits more pigment per penetration than any other needle.



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