Phillip Teems

"My name is Phillip Teems.

I love tattooing for its rich history, its colorful characters, and the even more colorful indelible marks that tattooing leaves behind on those it touches.

I grew up in my fathers fabrication/machine shop with a natural inclination toward mechanics. After high school I graduated from art school. So years pass and I am tattooing in a small street shop making paintings in my spare time when Jerry Riegger called me. He was inquiring about a painting that I had made, (I was dumbfounded). The painting was a war era Doc King design (Doc King was his mentor ). Looking back on things, that call changed my life in a so many ways. He fostered me into the trade of making handmade tattoo machines, above all else he was my friend and mentor!

My goal as a tattoo machine maker is simple... Make tattooing as easy and trouble-free as possible for the tattooers by making powerful machines with a maximum effective operating range. Lets face it tattooing is challenging enough without having to constantly troubleshoot your equipment. I build my machines one by one the way it's always been, and the way it will always should be!

Respect... Phillip"



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