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My name is Brandyn Feldman. 


   I have been building Tattoo Machines since 2004. I started messing around with rebuilding some machines for myself and others and then I wanted to produce my own frames. It just so happened that my Dads best friend Joe (who is a bad ass lamp builder making lamps for Disneyland’s all over the world) knew how to make patterns for lost wax castings. He showed me how it was done, and then I had some castings!  I needed to be able to machine them flat and drill holes into them so I bought a Bridgeport mill. Then after the chips began to fly I was hooked.  Many years later with many broken taps, drill bits and endless nights mixed with total obsession, here I am in Nashville TN. 


   Things here are a little different now and I am very lucky to have the tools and capability to use them. So, I will give you a quick rundown on how I build your machines. I make the frames 3 different ways:

1. I take a laser cut or hand cut side plate and then a cnc or manually milled and drilled base plate and spring deck and load them into a precision fixture and Tig weld them together. I then grind and sand them into a smooth finish.

2. I then design the machine frame in CAD and then develop the programing in CAM. I then post that into my CNC machine and then, from a billet of steel, I machine the entire frame. And then I finish the frames.

3. I design the frame and then design the pattern and send that to a foundry and cast the frames. Then I design the fixtures and machine the fixtures to hold the castings to machine them and then finish. 


Also, all the parts of the tattoo machines are made here in house. All materials are sourced here in the USA! This way I can really stand behind my product. I still tattoo a few nights per week and I will always find time to keep tattooing because honestly the machines run great beause they are tuned by a tattooer. I am so lucky to have been given the gift of tattooing so I will never put it down. I am building tattoo machines, painting flash, mixing ink and working in my machine shop pretty much 10-12 hours per day. I even sleep with machines on my bedside table and, most people who know me know I am obbsessed! (I think most of us are the same way) We all should be, we have the best job ever!!!!! 


   I am selling my machines with Good Guy Supply because I care strongly for this company.  I know them all personally and I want to just let you know that your money is very well spent with these amazing people. I am also selling my pigment line HOLD FAST with GGS so check that out as well! 



Thank you, 


Brandyn David Feldman" 



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